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5 Station Dynamic Charge Management | HMIBSCEA53D1EDB

5 Station Dynamic Charge Management | HMIBSCEA53D1EDB

To manage the overall energy allocated to each vehicle

Schneider Electric

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EcoStruxure EV Charging Expert allows EV charging for up to 5 Stations to be monitored, controlled and maximised based on the real-time available power in the building.


  • Dynamic distribution of available power among charging stations
  • Peak/off-peak hours EV charging management
  • Monitoring and control of EV charging stations based on an open protocol (OCPP 1.6-J)

EVLink Load Management System redistributes the loads, eliminating the need to upgrade a transformer or electrical devices in the building. 

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The addition of EV charging infrastructure represents an increase in the electricity demand of a building.

It helps to ensure the respect of cost and energy efficiency constraints of a set of charging stations by controlling their operation.

The controller runs its management program according to the selected parameters and data received from the charging stations.