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EVLink Pro 22kW AC Charger | EVB3S22N4

EVLink Pro 22kW AC Charger | EVB3S22N4

AC Metal, 22kW, 32A, 3P+N, T2S socket-outlet, RDC-DD 6mA, MNx aux

Schneider Electric

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The EVlink Pro AC EV Charging Station is recommended for home charging, fleets, street or workplaces.

The nominal output power is 22kW. It is supplied in three-phase (3P+N). The rated charging current is 32A under 380V to 415VAC with a 50Hz to 60Hz frequency.

It can be used with a TT, TN-S, or TN-C-S earthing system. It is also IT compatible with an additional isolation transformer on the power supply.

It embeds a built-in protection against residual direct current, with a 6mA residual direct current detection device (RDC-DD).

An MNx under voltage tripping auxiliary is also integrated in the charging station for safety, as well as to meet EV Ready requirements. 

For all electrical vehicles compliant with IEC61851-1 standard.

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Can also be floor-standing, either fixed on a pedestal, or integrated in a kit enclosure. Both pedestal or kit enclosure have to be ordered separately.

Able installed indoor as well as outdoor. The output type is a T2 socket-outlet with shutter (T2S), fixed on the front face of the station. All the contacts of T2S socket-outlet are silver-plated avoiding overheating.

The charging station can be fed by cable coming from the rear, the top or the bottom of it. To load an electrical vehicle, the access control is done by a user authentication through RFID or NFC badge. But the charging station can also be used for free access. The load starting can be time-delayed. During the load time, the power can be limited to ensure the continuity of service and optimize the charging time of all the charging station based on a same feeding.

It has 2 Ethernet RJ45 ports for LAN connection. The parameters are set up through eSetup app via Bluetooth or EcoStruxure EV Charging Expert. The IP degree of protection is IP55. The IK degree of protection is IK10.

The charging station can be managed in standalone or in clustered architecture. The OCCP 1.6 communication protocol is used to connect to the supervision device.The available services are the charge detail records, the diagnosis capabilities and the load management. The charging station has the CE and EV Ready certification.
The operating temperature is between -30°C and 50°C. The storage temperature is between -40°C and 80°C.