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5 Station - EVLink Pro 22kW AC Charger + DLMS Package | 15 x EVB3S22N4 + HMIBSCEA53D1ESS

5 Station - EVLink Pro 22kW AC Charger + DLMS Package | 15 x EVB3S22N4 + HMIBSCEA53D1ESS

EVLink Pro Starter Bundle - 5 x EVLink Pro AC 22kW Chargers + LMS

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This package is recommended for commercial, workplace or small fleet charging. 

When fully installed, this bundle has the capability to charge up to 5 EV's at the same time, while managing the building total energy load capacity.

5 x EVlink Pro AC EV Charging Stations | EVB3S22N4
1 x 5-Station Dynamic Charge Management | HMIBSCEA53D1EDB

Each unit has a nominal output power is 22kW. It is supplied in three-phase (3P+N). The rated charging current is 32A under 380V to 415VAC with a 50Hz to 60Hz frequency.

Bundled with the EcoStruxure EV Charging Expert, this package allows up to 5 x EV charging units to be monitored, controlled and maximised based on the real-time available power in the building.

Upon purchasing this EcoXpert Package, an EVIAM EcoXpert representative will contact you to understand any other aspects of your install, including quoting cabling / accessories, labour to install and commissioning. You may choose your own electrical installer, however EVIAM Authorised representatives must onboard and commission EV Assets for warranty, security & asset management.

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EcoStruxure EV Charging Expert allows EV charging to be monitored,controlled and maximized based on the real-time available power in thebuilding.

It helps to ensure the respect of cost and energy efficiency constraints ofa set of charging stations by controlling their operation.

The controller runs its management program according to the selected parameters and data
received from the charging stations.